2023 - Love at Second Glance. 
One of my latest Lettering paintings, is part of a lovely curated collection at the Bodensee, Germany. The Black and White painting is the center piece in the mansions entrance. Thank you. 





2022 - Eternity. 

Eternity is the homage to Virgil Abloh, who passed away way too early. With his impact on me, it was the least I could do to appreciate his legacy. 
Eternity is placed around the corner to a beautiful open space kitchen in the heart of a loft. 





2022 - Lichtbruch. 

"The Future is better in the Present", is standing in the hall way of the paintings new home in Berlin, Germany. A sentence we all should read first, when we leave our happy place.





2021- Fade. 

Added some colors on the white on white glance. Somehow honored to hang besides a USM System. Düsseldorf, Germany. 





2022 - Do What Is Right. 

Red on Light Blue, seems a bit odd. See Yourself, it works pretty well in this beautiful Art Nouveau Apartment in Berlin. 





2022 - Helping Hand. 

My conceptional artwork "Helping Hand" is hanging in the Hundertwasserhaus, in perfect sight of the atrium and over a Vitra Pantone Chair. The combination of Arts and Design is fulfilling me. 





2022 - oh. 

the mirror-lichtbruch is now in its new home in Leipzig, Germany. A smaller design object perfectly integrated on the sideboard. 






2021 - Daydreams.

The collage painting found it's new home in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Great Surrounding with "Medicom Toy - Bearbricks" in the Entrance. View from the Kitchen. 







2021 - Beloved. 

the place I recognized I love black walls. beloved is hanging in one studio loft in Nürnberg, Germany. 

enough space for living and art with its high black walls. 






2021 - Teddy. 

The Teddy is comfortably integrated in the new Living Room of the collectors home in Halle (Saale), Germany. 







2021 - Redline. 

Redline is watching you in the living room. 

Minimalstic. White "Bauhaus Chair", white portrait painting. Enough. 

Nürnberg, Germany.





2021 - Diamonds. 

The Queen is watching the entrance of her collectors home, right in the Sony Center/Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany.