Könnte ein Gemälde mehr sein als nur ein gut aussehendes Stück an der Wand? Wir verstehen, dass Kunst kritisch sein kann, motivierend sein kann, ausgefallen sein kann. 

Aber Kunst kann auch funktional, integrativ, sportlich und nützlich sein, wenn man wirklich etwas mit ihr machen will. 

Lassen Sie mich Sie in meine Welt der Neuinterpretation von Dingen einführen.



could a painting be more then just a good looking piece on the wall? we understand, that art could be critic, be motivational, be edgy. 

But art could also be functional, integrative, sporty, useful in the way of really doing something with it. 

Let me introduce you into my world of interpreting things new. 



Der Porzellan-Basketball als Teil der "Altered Emotions" Ausstellung in Berlin, 2023. 
Das Werk wurde aus einem alten Basketball geformt und ausgehärtet. Durch die klassische Lackierung im "Fine China"-Look, soll das Werk die Verwurzelung von Tradition und Moderne sowie neuer und alter PopKultur darstellen. 



The porcelain basketball as part of the "Altered Emotions" exhibition in Berlin, 2023. 

The work was formed from an old basketball and hardened. With its classic "fine china" lacquer finish, the work is intended to represent the rootedness of tradition and modernity as well as new and old pop culture.




Say Hi to the Checkerboard. 

Chess is a beautiful game. Full of strategy, thinking, and (maybe) conversation.

I grew up with chess. My grandfather taught me and grew to a childhood ritual.


Even the game itself is a work of art.  

The Lichtbruch


As I am obsessed with making paintings look 3-dimensional. It was my logical next step to "really" make a 3-d painting.


The Lichtbruch is a Origami folded Glas. The Artwork integrates the shadow movement of the letters on the wall in its appearance and integrates easily in its room.


A whole different experience of working, but it underlines, that design and art could easily work hand in hand.    

The Office Basket


As a big Basketball Fan, I think mostly of the Pop-Culture the game is bringing with it, I like to surround myself with aesthetics. 


The Office Basket is a small game, painted and installed to play at home.

combing a multiplex board and a scrumbled basketball board.